Diploma in Interior Design

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diploma in interior design

Design Transformative Spaces with Our Diploma in Interior Design

The Diploma in Interior Design at Papni School of Fine Arts is a journey into the world of aesthetics, functionality, and innovation. This program is tailored for creative minds aiming to become industry professionals who can transform any space into a harmonious and efficient environment. Our hands-on curriculum bridges the gap between technical skills and artistic vision, equipping you with the expertise to craft inspiring interiors.

Diploma in Interior Design

Program Overview:

Design Transformative Spaces with Our Diploma in Interior Design

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Course Highlight

  • Intensive training in space planning, material selection, and sustainable design.
  • Access to industry-standard software for 2D and 3D design.
  • Engagement with real client briefs for practical experience.
  • Collaboration with architects and industry experts for a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Development of an impressive design portfolio to kickstart your career.
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Career Opportunities

Our graduates are primed for success in various sectors of the design industry, such as:

  • Residential and Commercial Interior Designer
  • Visual Merchandiser or Showroom Designer
  • Furniture Designer or Production Specialist
  • Lighting Consultant or Space Planner
  • Interior Stylist or Set Designer for film and television
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Curriculum Overview

The curriculum encompasses a broad range of topics to ensure well-rounded expertise:

  • Core design principles and elements of interior spaces.
  • Historical and contemporary interior design styles.
  • Technical drawing and advanced visualization techniques.
  • Project management and client relations.
  • Environmental and ethical considerations in design practices.

Are you ready to reshape the world one space at a time?

Seize the opportunity to become a sought-after interior designer with our Diploma in Interior Design. Click below to apply for admission and start designing your path towards an exciting and fulfilling career in interior design.

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