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Papni School of Fine Arts

Papni School of Fine Arts

Where Passion Becomes Profession

At Papni School of Fine Arts, we believe everyone has the potential to forge a fulfilling path through creativity. Our mission is to empower students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to transform their artistic passions into successful careers. We provide a supportive, hands-on learning environment where you’ll be mentored by industry-experienced faculty and build a community of fellow creatives.

We know that within you lies a spark of creative potential waiting to ignite. Whether you dream of filling canvases with color, shaping interior spaces with purpose, bringing stories to life through animation, or capturing the world through your lens, Papni School of Fine Arts is here to help you make it happen.

From the precision of drawing to the dynamic world of animation, Papni School of Fine Arts offers diploma programs that open doors to a wide range of fulfilling careers. Our experienced faculty will guide you as you master essential techniques, develop your artistic voice, and build the professional skills needed to excel in the art, design, and media industries. Discover your path and start building your future with us.



The Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalithaa Music and Fine Arts University


santha papni educational trust


Santha Papni Educational Trust

“Santha Papni Educational Trust” is initiated with the blessings of Mrs. Santha and Mr. Subramani who has been instrumental in various charitable activities.

The main objective of this trust is to provide quality education in various disciplines, with this as an objective an exclusive “Standalone Architecture College” under the name of “PAPNI SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE” is being initiated with the blessings of almighty Shri Padaleshwarar, Bragalnayaki, Thirupathiripuliyur.


Empowering Creative Potential

Papni School of Fine Arts provides a transformative educational experience that unlocks the creative potential of every student. Through expert mentorship, hands-on learning, and real-world preparation, we guide our students towards fulfilling careers in the arts.


A Thriving Community of Creative Leaders

We envision Papni School of Fine Arts as a catalyst for a vibrant creative community. Our graduates will be skilled artists, designers, and innovators who use their talents to enrich the world with beauty, meaning, and innovation.

B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture)

Papni School of Architecture

Papni School of Fine Arts is part of the prestigious Papni Educational Conglomerate, which made its foray into the domain of education with the esteemed Papni School of Architecture in 2019. Our commitment to cultivating academic excellence extends from the art studios to the architectural drafting tables, offering multidisciplinary programs that cater to a variety of creative pursuits.

papni school of architecture

Our Core Principles

The Foundations for Your Creative Success

Mastery of Technique

We provide a rigorous foundation in the fundamental techniques and skills essential for artistic success.

Industry Preparation

We provide the knowledge, tools, and portfolio development to launch your professional career.

Creative Exploration

We encourage experimentation, self-discovery, and the development of your unique artistic voice.

Supportive Community

We foster a collaborative and inspiring environment where you’ll connect with fellow artists, mentors, and potential collaborators.

Project-Based Learning

Our curriculum emphasizes hands-on projects that mirror real-world creative challenges.

Dedication to Your Success

From personalized instruction to career guidance, we are invested in your journey every step of the way.

Ready to ignite your creative potential? Explore our diploma programs and start your journey today!